Flight of the Vector Dragons

Before I opened up a shop for graphic clothing and accessories, I was considering the cost-benefit ratio of a master plan to starting prohibition all over again just to sell bootleg whiskey.

I can understand why people often think twice about taking the plunge into taking art seriously. After all, for a lot of people, “starving” and “artist” sound like they go together more perfectly than peanut butter and person who can only afford peanut butter.

In the most cliche way imaginable, though, it wound up being worth it. Something about creativity is, not for lack of better words, pretty goddamn satisfying.

Instead of the voices in a guy’s head telling him to go burn down that windmill, they say things like, “This would be cool image. Project that image outside of here, onto that sheet of paper.”

And wouldn’t you know it, that type of thinking just tends to work out better for everyone!

~The sun rises with the king of dragons~

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